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Medical Telehealth for Eating Disorders (Medical Series)

May 20, 2022


Dr. Shelly Bar, MD

Virtual Orthostasis and heart rate 

Growth charts and determining appropriate weight in growing kids.  

Bone growth is an important consideration. 

Open weights vs blind weights.  

Besides weight, how do we measure progress


Dr Bar’s Seasonings: 

*Dr Charles Wibbelsman 

*Breathing through it, finding the lesson in the ‘mess up’ 


Dr. Bar is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Stanford University Medical School. She carries a subspeciality degree in Adolescent Medicine from Stanford. Dr. Bar completed her Eating Disorder and Young Adult Specialty at Stanford’s Lucille Packard Hospital and through experience in the eating disorder unit at El Camino Hospital. Dr. Bar developed a protocol at Facebook Wellness Center for young adults managing the medical effects of their eating disorders and supported her patients in treating depression and anxiety. She currently works with university students at Stanford Vaden Health Center. Dr. Bar’s passion is in supporting her patients to effectively address the medical complications of eating disorders and disordered eating. 


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